Back in time for the weekend

By Krisi

Makerversity has hosted many a TV show over the past three years, from the C4 show, “Gadget Man” to documentaries featuring our members and their diverse businesses. Who could forget the BBC 3’s, “Girls Can Code”?

Our latest screen time came via the BBC2 show, “Back in Time for the Weekend”. Last summer, the Ashbury Hawkins family, tried their hand with different technologies from every decade since the 1950s, learning how our leisure, furniture, cleaning and DIY habits have transformed over time.

In the final episode, the family looked to the future, exploring gadgets and services and touching on DIY and product consumption trends. Keen to understand what equipment might be found in the modern home for people wanting to fix their possessions or even build new. The boys of the family came down to the Makerversity workshops at  Somerset House workshops to spend some time with our maker in residence, Scott Stannard.


Scott took the father and son through a Makerversity DIY lesson. Covering traditional making skills such as basic carpentry, as well as using modern equipment like 3D printers and our CNC router. Rob, the father admitted that DIY wasn’t something he’d take on nowadays, but after the experience he’d prefer to “buy well” then maintain a product rather than going out and buying a replacement.  Seth (12) had reservations about the pair’s ability to build such an item too but, in the end, the bench was completed with family name routered into the top as a finishing touch.


“It’s amazing to see people with very little knowledge leave with something that they have created , along with the new skills they learned along the way” Scott Stannard, Makerversity


The workbench lesson that the family took part in is available to download from Makerversity DIY, a “Learning through Making” curriculum we’ve developed with our members, perfect for use in schools, clubs or at home. For more information check out Makerversity.Education.

Although DIY might have been a job for the boys in the past, it was a huge shame that the whole family weren’t able to get involved, our lessons and workshops are available for all.

Huge thanks to the BBC for featuring us, if you’re interested in booking space as a film location or collaborating with us on a project, get in touch.

Back in Time for the Weekend

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Posted By Krisi
Managing Director