Amsterdam workshop build

By Krisi

Dutch Members are already making the most of the coworking space we’ve built on the iconic Marineterrein and the workshops are taking shape quickly too. It’s easy to see that space won’t be an issue, boasting huge ceiling clearance and massive roller doors. Bringing materials in and moving builds out has never been easier. With 500 sq/m we’ll be able to fit in a wide range of equipment.

So far we have:

Polishing machine, casting machine, melting pot (metals), oven, rolling press for jewellery and hand tools.

3d FDM
Ultimaker 2; 3x, Ultimaker extended; 2x, Ultimaker to go; 1x, Ultimaker original; 1x, BQ Witbox; 1x, Leap Frog HS and Zortrax; 2x.

Formlabs; form1 1x  printer epoxy and Formlabs; form2 1x.
Full spectrum 50cm x 30cm and BRM lasers 150cm x 100cm.

Table saw, band saw, chop saw, column drill ,fixed sanders, planer, lathe and hand tools.

Machines about to arrive 
Full bed CNC, to be delivered
3d Inktjet – Z-corp full color printer
Vacuum former
The list will grow as our membership does

Here are some shots that Head of Makerversity Workshops, Stu Baker took 6 July.  Book a visit if you’d like to take a look yourself.



 Wood tools laser Storage 3D printers Plans

“It’s really is exciting for the Makers of Amsterdam, everything we have learned in setting up London has made our Amsterdam space what it is now” Stu Baker, Head of Makerversity Workshops


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Posted By Krisi
Managing Director