Amsterdam Maker Festival

By Makerversity

Pencil it in, because on August 19 through to August 21 2016, the fourth edition of the Amsterdam Maker Festival will be in full swing. The Maker Festival guarantees a weekend full of inspiration, whereby makers, companies and organisations will come to showcase their innovative knowledge and science.

Over the course of the weekend, Makerversity will be at the heart of proceedings. There will be amazing workshops delivered by our members for adults. Sessions for children from our Makerversity DIY learning programme. This is a great way to show you our facilities in a fun and interactive way, we hope you’ll see more of what the future holds for us in Amsterdam.

Events will be taking place in a unique location in the heart of Amsterdam; the Marineterrein. Interestingly, in the 17th century, Marineterrein was the place where the best Makers worked together to create the most advanced warships. Nowadays this is the place where innovative Makers – with Makerversity as the lead – deliver an important part to the future of the terrain as well as the whole city of Amsterdam.


The Marineterrein will be divided into different themes: Tech, Crafts and Make it Yourselves. In addition, visitors will get to experience a wide variety of entertainment and information. This will be a 3-day event where visitors can experience a lot of hearing, seeing, tasting, sensing and most importantly Making.

The Amsterdam Maker Festival is part of a new concept called Nerderlands. Essentially, the main goal of Maker Festival is to connect Makers with the public, with each other, to inspire and to showcase how much fun and useful the art of Making is. What’s not to like?

When? August 19 – August 21 2016, from 1pm – 6pm
Where? Marineterrein,Kattenburgerstraat 5, Amsterdam


Words – Nicole Gruss

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