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Makerversity’s exceptionally talented members of Vaults 2 and 14 are infiltrating the Barbican. The UNSEEN, John Nussey, Sam Tripp, Searu and Alex Bygrave have all been involved in major works on show now at Digital Revolution.


The UNSEEN, with the help of Makerversity members John Nussey and Sam Tripp, builtAETHER, a sculpture responding to weather patterns in outer space. Linked to meteorological streams recording by satellites in Earths atmosphere, AETHER is a network of data that visualises the intangible aesthetic of cosmic storms, solar bursts, magnetic aurora and the solar eclipse.

Digital Revolution Installation At The Barbican Centre

Image courtesy of the Barbican


Searu and Alex designed and built the mechanics and electronics for the instruments inPyramidi, a collaborative project by Yuri Suzuki for, which features three deconstructed instruments, programmed to play the music for a song written by, called Dreamin’ About the Future.

These guys are all amazing, it’s all amazing. Go! Go! Go!

But whilst you’re here, or pretending to work, have a look at both projects featured in these highlights.

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Posted By Krisi
Managing Director