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To celebrate our renewed 3D printing partnership with Distrinova at Makerversity Amsterdam we interviewed a couple of our members and alumni about 3D printing nowadays. Distrinova and Trideus are sponsoring our prototyping workshops, including providing Raise 3D machines, Formlabs and Ultimaker machines and materials. In 2017 we hosted the Ultimaker 3 Launch for their clients and press in our workshop spaces at Makerversity Amsterdam.

“With this renewed partnership, both Distrinova and Trideus are happy to continue supporting this amazing community of maker business in Amsterdam. By having this partnership, we hope we can inspire up and coming creative minds to use 3D printing in all parts of their day to day operations.” Jeroen Paulussen, Marketing Officer, Distrinova.

A great example is our newest member Spinn who are currently working on their smart connected coffee maker. Now close to mass production ramp-up they are perfecting their design. Quick validation of changes are hugely impacting the way they work. In their first week at Makerversity they have been able to change their workflow and this has allowed them to work faster.



Our alumni Robert Dehue of 3Dprinting.com shared his thoughts on the most exciting part of 3D printing. They help prosumers make the right decision by offering a vast array of information about 3D printers via their articles and pricewatch. Their consultancy service offers help to large companies by offering them advice on how to adopt additive manufacturing.”

“We see a growing awareness in several industries of the value that additive manufacturing has on production and R&D processes. 3D printer manufacturers are more focussing on releasing high quality prosumer models and large companies are interested in finding ways to integrate 3D printing in existing business and production models.”

AVY drone makers (who are proud owners of two Ultimaker 3s)
printed many of their parts during development and final production phase. Their drone’s purpose is to track rhinos and prevent poaching in Africa. With a relatively low number of parts needed and how specific the parts are it just doesn’t make sense to produce them in a different way. Also 3D printing is the best tool for generative designing parts to make them stronger and more lightweight. The team and many other members use Autodesk’s Fusion 360 for generative design.

“I am super excited to see what our members will make the next year. With the continued support of Distrinova and Trideus our members can reach new heights of success. The past year we’ve seen our members use 3D printing technologies and innovative materials to do everything from rapid prototyping to amazing finished end products. I can’t wait to see what will be made next.” Anne Vlaanderen, workshop unicorn, Makerversity Amsterdam.

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