Under 25 member: Yip Products

By Esther Ellard

Meet Leanne, she joined us at the end of last year on our Under 25’s programme with her business Yip Products and now the 3 months is up she’s staying on as a fully fledged member! We asked her a couple of questions about her time on the programme and what she’s been up to…read on to hear about her ingenious product.


How do you describe yourself?

A mechanical engineer with a flair for product design. I just love making things!

Brief description of your practice:

Currently, I am designing a modular shelf for alcove spaces to rival bespoke solutions. Bespoke solutions can
be expensive and time consuming. My goal was to create an affordable ‘off-the-shelf’ solution that does not
require any expertise to install. The product suits the following spaces:
-Adapting to alcove spaces of variable lengths
-Awkward angle walls where right-angle shelves will not fit accurately
-Between sloping ceilings/walls often found under stairs or in loft conversions

Brief description of what you’ve been working on during your time on the Under 25’s programme:

I initially came to Makerveristy with an idea and a cardboard prototype. With the workshop facilities, I have
been able to make a ‘works like’ prototype and test rig. The rig has allowed me to access the viability of
different designs and understand what to improve. In addition, I have designed a website ready for a launch
I’ve done a few odd jobs for some members. My favourite was helping out at a Material Driven event as part
of London Design Festival.


What was most useful/valuable thing about being at Makerversity:

It is great to have the vast facilities to build prototypes quickly without the use of expensive external
manufacturers. Moreover, it has been super useful to get feedback from the more experienced people
around you.
Were there any challenges you faced during your time here:
It has been a steep learning curve trying to manage my time. It was easy at university as there were hard
deadlines. I’ve learnt how to set my own deadlines and goals (press the snooze button less).

What’s next!?:

I have decided to stay as a Makerveristy member! I will be working on achieving a detailed design and
collaborating with manufacturers.
Next on the jobs list is to work with an attorney to get the bracket design patent pending. Then I can finally
share full images of the product and launch the website.

If someone asked you now whether they should apply for the scheme or not, what insight could you offer them:

Yes, go for it!Make the most of the 3 months, it goes by quicker than you think. Be super prepared and have a detailed plan of what you want to achieve. Finally, just get stuck in and start making.

Thanks Leanne! We can’t wait to see what happens next….

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Posted By Esther Ellard